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Shuffle Sundays is a weekly publication that aims to bring music recommendations for people who feel overwhelmed with so much content out there, helping you find your next favorite artist, album, genre, and more.

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My name is Leo Mascaro and I’m a Brazilian-born, NYC-based photographer and music curator who’s always been the person whose friends reached out to ask for music recommendations, so I decided to combine that with my curiosity for what's new out there and create Shuffle Sundays, bringing you some of my recommendations of music to listen to, all directly to your inbox for you to consume at your own pace.

Every Sunday I recommend a whole album, two singles/music videos, a visual inspiration, and a round-up of recently released music, and my goal is that each week you will find at least one item from the list that will spark your curiosity.

In addition to that, on (occasional) Thursdays I send extra issues with essays, lists, deep dives, and other interesting content outside of the Sunday format.

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Leo's newsletter is a true inspiration station! Subscribe to Shuffle Sundays & receive your weekly creativity booster that contains music, art, and more! — Stygi from Midweek Crisis

Your email is PACKED with goodness, and you're super consistent with it. You're going places! — Seth Werkheiser from Heavy Metal Email

I swear your newsletter gets better each week :)Rika Sukenik

I enjoy reading and listening to the songs so much each Sunday morning. With the world news being so terrible, this is my 60 mins of culture and unity. — Brian Portugal

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  • Focus | instrumental music to help you focus on what matters most:

  • Bring Me the Architects of Breakdown | contemporary bands playing new metal, metalcore, modern rock, and variations:

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Leo Mascaro
NYC-based Photographer and Music Curator, interested in personal organization and self-improvement | writing Shuffle Sundays, a newsletter with music recommendations to help you ditch the algorithm and find your new favorite artist.