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Shuffle Sundays #19 • May 9, 2021

Hello and welcome to Shuffle Sundays, a weekly curated list of content I thought was worth sharing with more people. And a big welcome to all the new subscribers that joined since Shuffle Sundays was featured in the Creativerly newsletter and at Substack’s own home page. It’s been an incredible and surreal week since then!

This week we have another time-loop adventure, a flight attendant trying to remember the details from a crazy night, the new album from one of my favorite bands, and art inspired by Star Wars. Enjoy the reading!

🎧 Soundtrack: Tenet - Original Soundtrack

🎬 Palm Springs

{something to watch • movie, 90 minutes}

Is it just me or time-loop stories have become more popular than ever? Or maybe it’s because since the pandemic started we seem to be living in one? Whatever it is, a recent great entry in the genre is the big hit Palm Springs, a comedy about two strangers who get stuck in a loop while attending a wedding in the California desert.

What makes Palm Springs a little different than most films, is that in this case both characters become aware of being in the loop, and not just one, making the story even more interesting and fun to watch. If that’s not enough reason to watch, both Andy Samberg (SNL) and Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother) deliver deliciously great performances. Even though it grabbed a Golden Globe nomination earlier this year, it still feels like the movie continues to be a somewhat hidden gem.

Available on Hulu | Watch the trailer on YouTube

📺 The Flight Attendant

{something to watch • tv-series, 1 season}

I didn’t expect Kaley Cuoco to jump into a mystery tv-series after the mega-hit show The Big Bang Theory ended, but what a nice surprise that was!

The Flight Attendant follows the story of a (you guessed it) flight attendant who wakes up in a hotel room in Bangkok with a dead man right next to her, with no clue of what had just happened and how she ended up there. If you think you’ve heard that before, you could be thinking about 2009’s super popular The Hangover. But instead of a group of bachelors in Vegas, here Cassie (Cuoco) is completely alone in proving her innocence while trying to put all the pieces back together.

Available on HBO Max | Watch the trailer on YouTube

💽 Selton - Benvenuti

{something to listen to • album, 32 minutes}

If you have been receiving these emails from the beginning, you may remember this band from issue #5 (Across the Sea) back on January 31st, when I introduced them.

Selton is a Brazilian-born, Italy-based band whose blend of rhythms and languages makes them one of my favorite contemporary bands to follow. Benvenuti, released last month, brings the band even closer to their current home, a process that started in the previous record “Manifesto Tropicale” and got even stronger here. The concept is still pretty much the same, mixing indie/pop-rock with a wide range of influences, but this time featuring a few interesting artists like Marguerita Vicario (Kama Sutra), Bixiga 70 (Campari di Musica), Emicida and Willie Peyote (Fammi Scrollare), and Priestess (Estate).

Listen on Spotify | YouTube

🔀 On a different note: 

⚡️ • Marvel released an emotional trailer to officially kick off its phase 4 at the movies, and it’s difficult to not get excited with what’s coming;

📝 • An inspiring article from Florian Maganza, sharing 10 lessons from his 10 years at Google. Make sure to also check his great newsletter “The Practical Polymath”;

🎶 • Indie-pop duo Kings of Convenience announced a new album (the first in 12 years!), titled Peace or Love, to be released on June 18th. Here’s the music video for the first single Rocky Trail, following the exact same style that we all love:

⚡️ Something to Inspire

I may not be the biggest Star Wars nerd out there, but I always enjoy seeing artists sharing their creations in celebration on May the 4th, which happened last Tuesday. Here are some great images I’ve seen this past week from Rafael Aflalo, Bryan Minear, and Mike Campau:

💽 New Music

{something to listen to • albums & singles}

This week I'm particularly interested in checking the new albums from Amy Winehouse, Iceage, Nasimiyu, Squid, and Sufjan Stevens. Also, new tracks from Coldplay, Needtobreathe, Dizzy, P!nk, and many more. If you’re curious to hear some of these songs and more, make sure to follow my 2021 playlist on Spotify, updated weekly with new releases:

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