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Shuffle Sundays #11 • March 14, 2021

Hello and welcome to Shuffle Sundays, a weekly curated list of content I thought was worth sharing with more people. Following the theme of last week’s issue, where I shared some work made by incredible women in the music industry, in celebration of Women's History Month and International Women's Day, I decided to come back this week with a list of some of my favorite women currently making music in Brazil. If you are familiar with Brazilian music, you may have listened to big names like Elis Regina, Gal Costa, and Maria Bethânia. But if that’s pretty much what you know, it’s time to stir up some more contemporary artists into your playlist. So here’s a list of 10 incredible women, in chronological order from their first official release.

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10 » Céu

With 5 albums on her baggage, Céu is one of those rare artists that are able to succeed no matter which direction she chooses to follow next. Her music includes many influences that go from samba, R&B, bossa nova, reggae, with lots of layers of minimal electronic beats. My favorite albums are Vagarosa (2009) and Tropix (2016).

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9 » Mallu Magalhães

Mallu Magalhães started her musical journey in her teens when she recorded a few songs and decided to post on her MySpace page. She became an instant success, and it's been great to see how much she evolved and matured as an artist since those days, transitioning from folk-rock-inspired tunes (mostly sung in English) to more polished and well-produced albums heavily influenced by samba and bossa nova. My favorite albums are Pitanga (2011) and Vem (2017).

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8 » Tulipa Ruiz

Even though I was already listening to Céu, Tulipa Ruiz's debut album Efêmera (2010) was the record that made me stop and start paying more attention to a whole new generation of Brazilian female artists that were starting to get more and more attention in the scene. Although I still enjoyed all of her future releases, the first one will always have a special place in my heart.

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7 » Mahmundi

My first introduction to Mahmundi was while I was photographing her concert, back in Brazil, years before the release of her first full-length album. It was love at first listen, as her interesting mix of genres and stage presence grabbed me right away. My favorite albums are Mahmundi (2016) and Para Dias Ruins (2018).

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6 » Bruna Mendez

With two albums equally acclaimed by critics, Bruna Mendez is already one of the most interesting artists to follow in the scene. While the first record was paved in organic instrumentation, the second one brought a more minimal (and modern) ambiance, through the use of electronic beats and melodies. My favorite album is Corpo Possível (2019).

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5 » Luiza Lian

One of many names to introduce spiritual/ancestral themes in her compositions, Luiza Lian is not only an incredible singer and songwriter but also a visual artist, who uses her different talents to bring much more than just music to her performances. It's one of those artists that keeps growing immensely in between releases and only makes us get more and more excited about what's next. My favorite album is Azul Moderno (2018).

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4 » Luedji Luna

If you enjoyed the spiritual content of the previous artists but thought the music was a bit too artsy, Luedji Luna may be just what you're looking for! Her second and most recent album, Bom Mesmo É Estar Debaixo D'Água (2020) was partially recorded in Africa, and brings lots of elements to her work, both musically and on the lyrical content. Her style is much closer to the bigger names of MPB ("Popular Brazilian Music"), compared to almost everyone else in this list, but no less enjoyable by any means. It's an album made to be listened to from beginning to the end with no interruption, as every other record should be. My favorite album is Bom Mesmo É Estar Debaixo D'Água (2020).

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3 » Tuyo

Different from all the other entries on this list, Tuyo is a trio (instead of a solo artist) composed by one man and two women, who shine in front of the project singing most part of the songs. With only one full-length album released so far, they have become one of my favorite artists these days, mixing delicate and sentimental melodies with minimal electronic beats, extolling, even more, the beautiful and sad (at times) lyrics. Sem Mentir, the first single of their upcoming second album, was one of my favorite songs from last year. My favorite album is the only one released so far: Pra Curar (2018).

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2 » Vivian Kuczynski

The youngest one on this list, Vivian Kuczynski is only 17 years old but seems to have incredible control over her music and art. Even though she's the youngest, Ictus (2019) may be one of the densest records that I'm recommending here. Mixing personal themes with socio-political criticism, the album is full of darker electronic ambients, that complement Vivian's unique vocal range. It's exciting to see someone so young producing something so extraordinary. Her following release, the 2020 EP 'N ENTENDI ND" is even more experimental, and I just can't wait for more! My favorite album is the only one released so far: Ictus (2019).

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1 » Ana Frango Elétrico

If the last artists I recommended were a bit too experimental for you, Ana Frango Elétrico may be just what you need. Going completely against the minimal electronic production from the previous artists, here you'll find a lot of color and playfulness that will take you straight back to the tropical music Brazil was known for back in the day. Listening to her music is like taking a walk inside Ana's mind, where each and every little thing can become an idea for a song. My favorite album is Little Electric Chicken Heart (2019).

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  • Tonight is the 2021 Grammys, with a lot of incredible women nominated and performing. Starts at 8 PM EDT.

  • The second batch of photographs I took of incredible women in the music scene over the years is on my blog!

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