The Pursuit of The Unknown 🔄

Shuffle Sundays #21 • WolfWalkers, Prop Culture, Leon Bridges, Maggie Chiang, and more.

Hello and welcome to Shuffle Sundays, a weekly curated list of content I thought was worth sharing with more people.

This week we’re following a young hunter apprentice in Ireland, a collector and prop-hunter in California, watching the new music video by Leon Bridges, learning about fun apps that you can use to enhance your music streaming experience, getting lost in the magical universe of illustrator Maggie Chiang, and much more. Enjoy the read!

🎧 Soundtrack: Snarky Puppy - Culcha Vulcha

🎬 WolfWalkers

{something to watch • movie, 103 minutes}

Even though Soul was my favorite animated (and all-around) movie at the 2021 Oscars, WolfWalkers was another incredible contender for best animation that also deserved the award.

Not only it's a great and well-narrated story, but its 2D animation style and visuals are simply jaw-dropping. Set in Ireland, we follow the path of Robyn, a young girl who dreams about becoming a hunter just like her dad, despite all the different expectations imposed by society. One day, while wandering on her own, she meets a mysterious girl who will change her life forever.

If you liked the style of WolfWalkers, make sure to check the other projects from the studio Cartoon Saloon, like the also Oscar-nominated Songs of the Sea (2014).

Available on Apple TV+ | Watch the trailer on YouTube

📺 Prop Culture

{something to watch • tv-series, 1 season}

A tv-series that combines behind-the-scenes stories with production design? Sign me in! If you are a movie lover that is also curious about objects used in some of the most famous films, you will probably enjoy Prop Culture as much as I did.

Throughout 8 episodes, you will follow collector and prop-hunter Dan Lanigan traveling around the country in search of artifacts used on beloved films like Mary Poppins, Tron, Pirates of the Caribbean, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and more.

It's a trip down through memory lane and a peek behind the curtains of what is like to work on some of these big productions.

Available on Disney+ | Watch the trailer on YouTube

🎶 Leon Bridges - Motorbike

{something to listen to • single/music video, 3:41 minutes}

I’ve been a fan of Leon Bridges’ music since his first album Coming Home in 2015, but there’s something even more special on his new single that I can’t really tell what it is.

Motorbike, the first single of his upcoming album Gold-Diggers Sound (due on July 23), follows the same old soul-inspired R&B that Bridges is known for but brings a slightly different flavor to the equation. And although the track stuck with me right at the first listen, the music video only made things better.

Directed by Anderson .Paak, the video is practically a short story with the music as a background, where we follow a young couple (Leon Bridges and Lexi Carter) falling in love, living life to its fullest, one adventure to the next, with a vibe that at times reminded me of 2019’s film Queen & Slim.

Listen on Spotify | Watch on YouTube

🔀 On a different note: 

🎙 • a Musically Cogitating podcast episode where Ciyadh dives very, very deeply into music streaming services and all of the fun apps that you can use to enhance your music streaming experience. Listen here.

📝 • If you had your dream job, would you be happy? Or, can you learn to love the job you have? — an article by Nick deWilde. Read here.

⚡️ Something to Inspire

Maggie Chiang is a Taiwanese American full-time artist and part-time dreamer. Maggie's illustrations evoke a longing for adventure and the pursuit of the unknown, exploring impossible landscapes and places unseen. Check out her website or Instagram for more. Here are some favorites:

💽 New Music

{something to listen to • albums & singles}

This week I'm particularly interested in checking the new albums from Chai, Erika de Casier, Mat Kearney, Olivia Rodrigo, and Twenty One Pilots. Also, new tracks from Needtobreathe, Katie Buchanan, Twin Shadow, Alanis Morissette, Bruna Mendez, and many more. If you’re curious to hear some of these songs and more, make sure to follow my 2021 playlist on Spotify, updated weekly with new releases:

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