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Shuffle Sundays #24 • Sense 8, Palmer, Yoku's Island Express, Ryan Pfluger, and more.

Hello and welcome to Shuffle Sundays, a weekly curated list of content I thought was worth sharing with more people.

This week we’re revisiting one of Netflix’s most ambitious tv-series, follow an unlikely friendship between an ex-convict and a boy, have fun with a curious video game, discuss Instagram, procrastination, and much more. Enjoy the read!

🎧 Soundtrack: Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song Remix Series

📺 Sense 8

{something to watch • series, 2 seasons}

Created by the Wachowski sisters (Matrix), Sense 8 is one of the best and most ambitious series produced by Netflix.

It’s the story of a group of 8 people around the world that suddenly realize they are all linked mentally, being able to hear and sometimes even see one another without leaving where they are. Jam-packed with incredibly choreographed action sequences, the series also shines with a well-written script full of memorable dialogues, interesting storyline, and emotional scenes, like this one. Don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to understand what’s happening in the beginning. Just be patient and enjoy the ride, it will be worthwhile!

Unfortunately, the show only lasted 2 seasons, due to the extremely high cost of the challenging production, but at least we (the fans) were gifted with a final episode that concluded the story.

Available on Netflix | Watch the trailer on YouTube.

🎬 Palmer

{something to watch • movie, 110 minutes}

Chances are that you probably haven’t heard about this movie. Maybe because it’s an Apple TV+ exclusive, or maybe because you didn’t think it was good when you saw that Justin Timberlake was the lead actor.

Palmer (Timberlake) is an ex-convict that goes back to living with his grandma to reestablish his life. In between reconnecting with old friends and job hunting, he sees himself in the middle of an unlikely friendship with Sam, a boy who lives next door with his troubled family. It’s hard to talk about their emotional journey without giving any spoilers, so I urge you to ignore any excuses and go watch this precious film. It’s a (not always easy to watch) heartwarming story with great acting.

Available on Apple TV+ | Watch the trailer on YouTube.

🕹 Yoku's Island Express

{something to play • videogame}

As soon as I heard that this video game was a metroidvania1 with elements of pinball, I got extremely curious and was already completely sold.

In Yoku's Island Express, you play as a tiny beetle (Yoku), who needs to become a postmaster as soon as he arrives at the fictional island of Mokumana. I know, it sounds way too simple and silly, right? But wait until you put your hands on it and go through the first pinball sequence. I assure you you won’t want to put it down!

Since it’s very difficult to understand the concept of this game without seeing it, here’s the trailer:

Available on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

🔀 On a different note: 

📝 • The Fine Art of Procrastinating — an article by fellow artist and SS reader Amy Guion Clay;

📸 • Instagram is a Lie — a video essay from The Art of Photography;

👩‍🎤 • I’m completely obsessed with “How Not To Drown”, the new single from synth-pop band CHVRCHES, featuring vocals from The Cure’s own Robert Smith:

⚡️ Something to Inspire

Ryan Pfluger is an NYC-born, LA-based Photographer whose work “often deals with recreating memories, memorializing objects and how sexuality and gender influences image making” — in his own words. Check out his website or Instagram for more. Here are some favorites:

💽 New Music

{something to listen to • albums & singles}

This week I'm particularly interested in checking the new albums from Céu, Danny Elfman, Dizzy, and KennyHoopla. Also, new tracks from Lorde, Nothing But Thieves, Marisa Monte, Gustavo Bertoni, Clairo, Marcelo Perdido, and many more. If you’re curious to hear some of these songs and more, make sure to follow my 2021 playlist on Spotify, updated weekly with new releases:

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“When someone says “metroidvania,” you know exactly what they mean: A 2D platformer based around exploration and character progression, built in the style of Metroid and the latter-day Castlevania games.” (via Polygon)